Gotta Clive 'Em All! : Part 1


I haven’t blogged in a while, you may have noticed (probably not) I have been busy … well by busy I mean distracted, well when I say distracted I mean kind of obsessed.

You see I have been playing Pokémon Black and its like crack, only as per normal (for me) I haven’t strictly been playing along as you probably should , for one the Pokémon  storylines always confuse me, even though they always flow along the same lines. Young kid goes on adventure, thwarts the baddies and basically kicks every single person’s ass they come across.

As with all the Pokémon games you have to state your name (BEN!) to some random professor who thinks that a bunch of kids are the best people possible to do their work and as per normal they give you a Pokémon to go off adventuring with.

I picked a sea otter type of thing called an Oshawott and was asked if I wanted to give him a nickname, I like nicknames and in my time I have been known as Gupter, Boffin, beaker and of course Edna.

In previous games I have gone for literal descriptions of the Pokémon I have captured, and have had such things as Barry Bat, Freddy Fish, Gus Gas etc
This time you only have five characters to use up for names so I plumbed for Clive.
This is Clive evolved from an Oshawott to a total bad ass Futachmaru

Clive is an ace name, I have an uncle called Clive and he is a top bloke.

So BEN! (Cruise control for cool) and Clive the otter set about going on the Pokémon Black adventure to fill the Pokedex for the professor.   

On the way to the first city, my two companions (who are more of a hindrance than anything else) set a challenge to see who could catch the most Pokémon, so off I went into the long grass (Pokémon fucking love long grass) And set about catching more than those two clownshoes could ever dream of

I caught some beaver looking thing and it once again asked me if I wanted to give it a nickname, of course I do!  

But what?

I was a bit stuck for a name so I went for Clive again, I’m not sure why I did this but it flicked some switch in the back of my frankly retarded little mind .....

What if … what if … what if I named all of the Pokémon I catch Clive? 

What if I fill all of the boxes on the pc with Pokémon and name them all Clive? 

As you can see they are all in order
This says more about me than it really should

A place for everything and everything in its place

It’ll be brilliant, every time I have a battle, I’ll shout “Go Clive!”  (I am well into the game at this point and view the character as actually being me)
Every message regarding my many Pokémon will refer to Clive … even if it isn’t my original Clive.

It has got to the point where I wonder around in a half daze singing the classic “gotta catch ‘em all” theme tune but with catch changed to Clive

“Gotta Clive them all!”

Admit it, you can hear just how awesome that sounds can’t you?

At the time of publishing this first part in the epic Pokémon Black Clive Blog Series, or PBCBS as no one will call it, I have captured an amazing 41 Clives.
I have three Gym badges and spend all my monies on Pokéballs because you have my word … I will Clive them all!