Warhol Was Wrong

Bernie Eccelstone look-a-like and sometime painter Andy Warhol famously said "everyone will be famous for 15 minutes"

He was wrong on two fronts, first some people don't even make it that far and secondly thanks to the internet their abject failure will be remembered forever more.

Here is essentially a collection of "celebrity" low points copy and pasted somewhat shamelessly from wikipedia that make me chuckle.
I have removed/changed the names, not to protect the the victims more to see if you can guess/care who they are. ....

Appeared on the Celebrity Special of robot wars teamed with Wild Thing, but was defeated by Vic Reeves  in the first round

This is the one that started me off on this half assed mission of sorts, in my head Vic didn't even have a robot he just beat the shit out of them. As a side note a google image search of this celeb gives you a picture of Rupert Grint for its 12th result

expressed interest in returning to EastEnders, despite the fact her character , died off screen in 1998. She acknowledged it would be unlikely that producers could come up with a believable storyline

There are no words, it is admitting they are so woefully shit they will happily go down the Dirty Den path

has gained several notable acting credits on TV with Granada TV's Emmerdale  and BBC1's Doctors to name but a few

 This one has the best wikipedia entry so far, I reckon they have written it themselves, if they haven't it is the work of a loved one or quite possibly a stalker.
As a side note they have  been in Emmerdale as two different characters, niether of whom I can remember even after a google

He has appeared on CBBC on Hider In The House presented by JK and Joel and taken part in ITV2's reality television programme Deadline with chief editor Janet Street Porter. He was the first celebrity to be sacked by Street-Porter, for refusing to take pictures of famous people without first asking their permission.
He presented Dead Famous Live opposite Gail Porter and was, for a period, the face of the digital music channel Bubble Hits.

I have given you loads to go off here if only so you end up at his website to watch his "show reel" 
Also wtf is "bubble hits" ??

He has created his own Myspace music profile, uploading demo tracks for his fans to hear his progress as a solo artist

I actually feel a little sorry for this last one, that is like bragging about having two feet.

I don't want to be famous any more, the thought of ending up halfway there forever stuck on Marc Bannerman' level  fucking terrifies me

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