I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it
Voltaire said that,a long time ago and he was French.

This isn't really a bit about Kenneth Tong and the nonsense he spouts this is more about what it says (to me) about the people who are raging about him.

There is the startings of a campaign to have Mr. Tong removed from twitter, now while this may be well meant I think it is quite sinister.

Freedom of speech is something I believe to be jolly well important and a prize that should be gifted to everyone across the board. Twitter is a public forum and you are bound to stumble across things you don't necessarily like let alone agree with but does that mean it shouldn't be there?

Ken currently has 16,000+ followers two days ago he had 9000. This means that over 7000 people deliberately receive his babble  in their timeline, apparently so they can get angry at him.

I fail to understand the logic in this, disagree with what he says, argue with him, try and debate things with him (this would be kind of pointless but should be an option) But don't feed his ego.

Last night he was the third trending topic in the entire world, a lot of the tweets were angry he was trending ... yet still used his name, again what is the point in that? 

As a sidenote I'd like to say I count myself as a Big Brother fan and watched most of it right across its lifespan and until I googled him I had no idea who the mother fucker was, he was that inconsequential, leave him alone and he'll soon return to being a ex-bb loser.

A while ago a delightful "lady" called Jan Moir wrote a rather vile piece in the daily mail about some chap out of boyzone and/or westlife who had died and how it was the evils of a gay life that killed him, twitter uprose and smited her ... by increasing the daily mails web site traffic.

Most days there is a link bouncing around directing people to the latest "daily fail" people click on it get angry and steadily increase the mails ad revenue, everyone is a winner.

The last few weeks have seen people up in arms over Frankie Boyle and his late night comedy show Tramadol Nights, he enraged celebrity slagbag Jordan after "attacking" her son and was labelled a racist when the papers reported a joke he made about the media' blatant racism totally out of context.

The main complaint was he wasn't like he was on BBC' heavily edited Mock the Week a show where Mr. Boyle stood out like a sore thumb against the surrounding mediocre and bland panel.
What he said on there appeared  edgey and different but undiluted on Tramadol Nights it was too much for some folks to take.
Personally I liked it, it reminded me of Chris Morris' Jam a series from the 90's that was properly disturbing

What I am trying to say in my babbling way is people like to be outraged, they like to take the moral highground but most of the time they go about it the wrong way and end up looking hypocritical/pretentious/a mad rabble of busy bodies
If you don't agree with Tong, ignore/block  (getting him banned will make him the victim) If you don't like the daily mail don't read the fucking rag if you don't like something on the telly, don't watch it.

There is a time and a place for meaningful protest don't waste your voice on fucking idiots

I started with a Voltaire quote and I'm going to end on one 

The public is a ferocious beast. One must either chain it up or flee from it.

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