Welcome To The Cunt Parade

I loves twitter me, it is aces, it is like a constant stream of facebook status' minus appeals to help people run pretend farms/aqariums/mafia and blurry self shot photos taken in pub toilets.
You can find me at @notfakeben

I post sporadically, swear like a mother fucker and will hammer various hastags.follow me and I will no doubt disappoint/offend you at one point

As much as I love twitter and have tweeted 3900 times in roughly twelve months there is one thing that makes my piss itch, the "top tweet" feed on the front page if I was joining now and was actually paying attention I would avoid the place like the plague.

Sickly, Shallow pieces of utter bilge, surely they should put better things at the forefront than this crap?

#MorningInspiration Wake up every mourning with a smile on your face, Go through the day with your head up and dont let words take u down ♥

It's your life, you can live it however you choose to. Just make sure your life story is worth telling your Grand Children.

Before you talk, listen. Before you react, think. Before you criticize, wait. Before you pray, forgive. Before you quit, try.

Is it just me are are these amazing insights, frustratingly inane, pointless and ...well just a bit shit

This is everything that I want from twitter courtesy of @unochild

 Well, the cat has his bow tie on, and I'm arseholed. Happy new year everyone. 
Until next time



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