Thats It I Quit!

Before we really get going with this whole blog thing and I just start taking photos of Lego, I want to make a confession, I am trying to be a better person, I really am.

I’m cutting down on the blind hate filled rants about inconsequential things; for a little over a decade I have been online, starting from the humble Dreamcast and I have slowly got angrier, rantier and fouler and I’m better than that.
Well I like to think I am anyway

 I have majorly wound back my internet presence and all but retired my Edna Watkins persona, the only place “she” still resides at the moment is on the Playstation, and when I find out if I can change my name there and how to do it she’ll be no more.

This isn’t some crappy New Years resolution; this is an ongoing process that started a few months back. I’m not entirely sure what the catalyst was, there hasn’t been a sun beaming through the clouds, voice of god style epiphany moment, one day I logged on and thought “I just don’t care anymore” since then I have halved my facebook friend list down to people I actually like. 
Twitter has had a bit of a cull as well, mostly of famous people as I’m bored of the self serving “buy my book/DVD” crap.

I’m bored; I think that sums it up neatly, I am bored of going round in the same circles, having the same conversations over and over, the same arguments, the same woe is me crap coming around like clockwork.

I am done with it, it is over, I hereby tender my resignation from the internet

Well sort of, I’m still about, my twitter addiction sees to that, but I won’t be commenting on newspaper articles, on forums … I’m taking a back seat
I’m semi retiring

I’m still going to play Red Dead online because I love my Horse and I like shooting/blowing people up

And I am obviously still blogging …

And then there is Burnout you HAVE to play Burnout online, otherwise who are you racing?

Who am I kidding I love the internet me

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